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10-15 January 2006 - Summer Camp
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The 2006 Summer Camp was held at Te Kauri Lodge as usual. The weather was great throughout the week except for some showers Saturday morning.
Detailed Account
Day 1 - Tue: Arrive at 10am. Set-up and then lunch. Tramp down Manuka Track and back up Sheep Track. Set up pitfall traps. Games in the evening.
Day 2 - Wed: One group went fossilling & the other went for a tramp
Day 3 - Thu: Abseiling & fossilling
Day 4 - Fri: Caving, then examination of pitfall traps
Day 5 - Sat: A long tramp up a stream to a waterfall ... and then all the way back
Day 6 - Sun: Clean-up and head home

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