(Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club)


2009 Kowhai Community Group Award
The Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club has been awarded the 2009 Kowhai Community Group Award for its contribution to local environmental initiatives. The award was presented by Hamilton City Council at Wintecís Bill Gallagher Centre on 8 December 2009

2006 Wellman Prize
The Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club was awarded the prestigious Harold Wellman Prize for its discovery of the giant fossil penguin at Te Waitere, Kawhia in January 2006. The Wellman Prize was presented by the Geological Society of New Zealand in recognition of the Clubís recent discovery of important fossil material within New Zealand.

The most influential geologist of the 20th century, Harold Wellman (1909-1999) was the first to recognise the Alpine Fault. The Harold Wellman Prize was established in recognition of this outstanding discoverer of New Zealand fossils and his appreciation of the important role of fossil evidence in the resolution of New Zealand geology.

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