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Tue 10 Jan 2006 - Summer Camp
The best camp yet(?).More>>

Tue 12 Jul 2005 - Winter Camp
A great 5 days had by all.More>>

Jan 12 - 16 2004 - Summer Camp
Summer Camp was great success. Thanks to Karen Emmanuel for great planning. Photos showed that Lew Sherman provided some great abseiling experience and Chris Templer found a great spot for finding fossils. Contact Jenny West if you have any memories to note. Photos of camp to follow.

2003 - Winter Camp
Held at the Junats own Te Kauri Lodge. We spent quite a bit of time making traps for invertebrates, rat tracking tunnels, checking out pests, learning how to take photos with expensive cameras, going to the beach at Kawhia, eating fish and chips, and generally enjoying ourselves.

16 - 21 Jan 2003 - Summer Camp
This enjoyable camp included a Native Bat survey, medicinal plant study, tramping, an overnight camp in the bush and more! Fun! Fun! Fun! had by all.

July 7-11 2002 - Winter Camp
Went well despite rotten weather. There was a photography session. Chris Templer came to visit and talked about fossils and the museum. And there was a trip to Kawhia planned and fish and chips in town.

14 - 20 Jan 2002- Summer Camp
This camp included setting up a hangi. Chris Templer went to great lengths to secure some proper hangi stones from half way up Pirongia Mountain so none burst during use! Junats collected traditional plants and made hangi baskets and helped to make the fire and dig the hole. Various meat and veges were added, cooked and enjoyed. Then we had dinner! There was also trip to Te Maika by boat with the sea a bit rougher than usual, and a walk round the coast. However this time the tide was too high and we had to climb a bit to stay dry. Then we went to see some tame eels in Eeldorado on the way home. They allowed some daring junats to stroke them carefully. No-one got bitten.

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