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Te Kauri Lodge, only an hour from Hamilton is the gateway to 1,100ha of native bush, 500 year-old kauri, stunning karst landscapes, wetlands and wild life, providing an outdoor experience that is hard to beat!

Te Kauri Lodge, owned and managed by the Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club (Inc), is available for hire all year round. It is available to schools, youth groups, adult groups and organisations, orienteering and tramping clubs, who have an interest in natural history, environmental education, and enjoy New Zealand bush.

The Lodge can provide great opportunity to walk in the surrounding bush with the option of a camping out experience, a relaxed setting for artistic inspiration, the chance of a thoughtful seminar or retreat, and can now offer a unique learning experience through forest monitoring and restoration. You can check details of this project on Restoration, or ask the Custodian.

The lodge is conveniently located only a few kilometers from Mt Pirongia - a part of Te Araroa, "The Long Pathway", which is a 3000km trail from cape Reinga in the north to Bluff in the south.

An on-site educator is currently available free of charge to school groups staying at Te Kauri Lodge and an environmental education kit is also available. Click here for details.

Separate meeting room, whiteboards, computer, and a data projector are available.

Also visit our amazing on-site natural history museum

School groups can also apply for funding to help with bus transport costs.

Prices for the Lodge are based on self catering. These can be found on Costs. A fully equipped kitchen is provided. Catering can be arranged in some cases - check with the custodians at time of booking.

What to bring with you:
  • Your bedding, pillow, pillow case, towels
  • Food and tea-towels
  • You can arrange for untreated firewood (at reasonable cost) through the custodian at booking confirmation. For groups larger than 20, or during cooler weather this is important.
  • Cleaning materials, and toilet paper are included in the basic cost. If you bring your own, they must be chlorine free products.

Information on booking availability, additional services and costs can be obtained from our friendly Custodian at the Lodge - John Makin.

Contact John for more information:
Email:Custodian at Te Kauri Lodge
Phone/fax:(07) 871 0625
Mail:Te Kauri Lodge, 3700, SH31, RD8, Te Awamutu 3878

Further information on the Lodge can be found at:-
You can email the custodian here.

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