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Te Kauri Lodge Museum

Junats has one of the best little museums in NZ located right here at Te Kauri Lodge.

Our museum is brainchild of our very own historian/archaeologist/cave explorer/naturalist Chris Templer, and was built by Chris along with a dedicated team of Junat volunteers.

The museum features a splendid array of displays including...

  • Fossils from the Kawhia area and beyond
  • The local kauri industry
  • Local geology
  • History of the Kawhia area
  • Early Maori settlement
  • Local Maori chief Te Rauparaha and the musket wars
  • European settlement
  • Sailing ships
  • History of the Junats club
  • Many other fascination collections and things to learn about

This is yet another reason to come and visit Te Kauri Lodge.
Definitely not to be missed!

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