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The restoration of Te Kauri Park Scenic Reserve project was officially launched in 2002 by the renowned English botanist Dr David Bellamy.

Te Kauri-Waikuku Trust (TKWT) was established by Junats in 2004 to teach environmental education to school children and carry out ecological restoration at Te Kauri Park. TKWT is a partnership between Junats, Ngati Hikairo, Department of Conservation and the Enviroschools Foundation

Like many other native bush reserves, Te Kauri park has been ravaged by predators such as possums, rats and stoats. These predators at Te Kauri have impacted heavily on wildlife. We no longer have kiwi, kakariki or kokako in the reserve. The TKWT has embarked on an intensive programme of pest control and monitoring in the park. Click here for further details.

We hope that with this effort from restoration that the ecological decline in the Park can be halted, that students can learn from mistakes made in the past, and it can return to its full glory.

If you are interested in finding out what we plan to do, or would like to contribute towards the cost of the restoration project, please contact the Manager, Te Kauri-Waikuku Trust.

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